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As an architect or owner looking to build or renovate a building you are often thrust into the hands of engineers who can either make your project work… or turn the process into frustrating nightmare. What makes engineers tick? How do you interpret what they recommend or require? How do you avoid those last minute system designs that blow up a project budget?

Take a peek at the PowerPoint presentation and see the secrets of how to work well with engineers revealed.

In the slides we describe a taxonomy of engineers, their mindsets and how best to deal with each type. We identify the major milestones of project delivery and what is important for project architects, owners and contractors to coordinate with engineering at each milestone. We also discuss useful strategies for your engineers during bid & buy-out, VE and construction along with how to handle engineering E&O issues in a successful manner. Finally we identify some CAD coordination basics and other coordination items often missed. Certainly if you wish for hpeGROUP to present this to your staff we are always available.