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Berlex Laboratories

Berlex Laboratories solar panel array.

Project Overview

Photovoltaic solar power continues to find its way onto flat rooftops of businesses, warehouses, and other institutional facilities in New Jersey, thanks in large part to an aggressive state utility energy rebate program. hpeGROUP has become a leader in the solar industry with over 5.4 megawatts of power connected to New Jersey’s electric grid.

Project Highlights

Berlex Laboratories in northern New Jersey proved to be an ideal candidate for a solar power installation. With large, flat roof areas and minimal sun-shade obstructions, 275 kilowatts of high-efficiency solar panels produce enough electricity to satisfy approximately 20 percent of the facility’s electrical needs.

Solar panels are not mechanically fastened to the EPDM roof and have been approved by most major roofing manufacturers to maintain the roof warranty after installation.

A roof-mounted weather data station, together with a web-based system monitor allows Berlex to gather data from the solar array to ensure optimum system performance and energy savings. Berlex shares this information with the array manufacturer as part of an on-going quality assurance/quality control program.

Roof-mounted weather data station.



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August 5, 2020